Our Whale Watching Tours . . .

Whale Sightings Vancouver Island

From early July through October, the waters between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia are home to the magnificent Orca (Killer Whales). The protected waters provide an ideal location to view and listen to orcas and other marine mammals as they feed, socialize and raise their young. Orca Whales - Killer Whales - Vancouver IslandEvery trip into this diverse natural environment is different. While orca are the primary viewing experience, humpback whales, Dalls porpoises and Pacific white-sided dolphins are regularly encountered and enjoyed. Harbour seals, Steller sea lions and occasionally California sea lions are viewed from our boats. Our trips are approximately 3  hours long.

Our boats are equipped with underwater microphones (hydrophones) so we can listen in on the squeaks, whistles and echolocation that allow orcas and dolphins the ability to communicate and locate their food. 
Our captain and naturalists are always willing to answer your questions and we provide a short on-board presentation about the whales and other marine mammals.