Outstanding October!

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Monday, October 1, 2018 – M.V. Lukwa

A Humpback Whale lunge feeding on small fish.

Today’s Sightings: Humpback Whales (Argonaut, Conger, Slash, Ridge, and many more!), Mammal-eating (Bigg’s) Orcas (T046C2), Dall’s Porpoises, Steller Sea Lions, Pacific Harbour Seals, Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets, Pigeon Guillemots, Belted Kingfishers, Pacific Loons, and Bald Eagles.

What an outstanding start to October. After visiting the seal rock (and spotting a few Bald Eagles) our tour made its way into Blackfish Sound where multiple Humpback Whales were feeding. We received a report of a lone orca, and spotted it a few minutes later, and it was confirmed by local researchers that it was from the mammal-eating population. The trip was capped off with an unexpected breach from Argonaut the Humpback Whale!

Mature Bald Eagle perched on a branch above the seals.

Seals keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on.

A Gull flies overhead.

Local researcher taking an identification photo of T046C2. Research is conducted with a permit.

Time for lunch!

No room is left on the rock!

Photo credits: Carmen Pendleton. Photos taken with a telephoto lens and cropped.

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