Bluebird Day for Birds (and More)!

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Thursday, July 12, 2018 – M.V. Lukwa and M.V. Kuluta

A mated pair of Bald Eagles surveys the sea.

Today’s Sightings: Humpback Whales (Argonaut, Conger, Moonstar, and Hunter), Fish-eating Orcas (A23s), Steller Sea Lions, Pacific Harbour Seals, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Dall’s Porpoises, Bald Eagles, Rhinoceros Auklets, Cassin’s Auklets, Common Murres, Northern Phalaropes, Black Turnstones, Pigeon Guillemots, and Harlequin Ducks.

We were greeted by warm sunshine as we left Telegraph Cove on each of our trips today. The huge tidal currents swirled brilliant blue and Humpback Whales could be seen feeding. One Humpback Whale, Conger, became quite active and began tail-lobbing and breaching. Still such an awe-inspiring sight! Dancing on rocks above the currents, Black Turnstones and Surfbirds could be heard and occasionally seen when they lifted their wings. Bald Eagles circled overhead in the dazzling sky. Different kinds of Gulls almost appeared to glow, they were so bright white. On our evening tour, we were treated to the sight of the A23 matriline of Fish-eating Orca accompanied by Pacific White-sided Dolphins. What a great way to end the day!

Conger the Humpback Whale becomes active!

A single growl let out by this male Steller Sea Lion.

Black Turnstones and Surfbirds nearly blend into the rocks.

The huge pectoral fin of Conger waves above the surface.

Now you see me, now you don’t…a mature Bald Eagle comes in and out of sight between branches.

Some Pacific Harbour Seal pups are still visible with their mothers.

Get that itch! This Steller Sea Lion soaks up sun and scratches its head.

A60 (nicknamed Fife) of the A23 matriline of Fish-eating Orca bucks against the waves as he travels up Johnstone Strait.

Photo credits: Rebecca Scott, Ashley Nielsen, Allison Parker, Johanna Ferrie, Chloe Warren, and Alex McDonald. Images taken with a telephoto lens and cropped. 

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