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Saturday June 2, 2018 – M.V. Lukwa

A mature Bald Eagle.

Today’s Sightings: Humpback Whales (Ripple and Calf, Unidentified), Steller Sea Lions, Dall’s Porpoises, Pacific Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles, and Pigeon Guillemots.

The highlight of this afternoon’s trip, according to one young guest, was the moment just before Ripple the Humpback Whale went for a big dive and you got to see her tail! We also had great sightings of Dall’s Porpoises while we were waiting for the Humpback Whales to surface from some of their longer dives.

Ripple the Humpback Whale going for a dive with a younger whale, likely her calf.

An island full of Bald Eagles.

See the breath of the Steller Sea Lions?

A young Humpback Whale exploring the world.

A mature and immature Bald Eagle perched in a tree.

Photo Credits: Carmen Pendleton and Johanna Ferrie. All images taken with a telephoto lens and cropped.

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