The Last Hurrah for 2017!

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Monday October 9, 2017 – M.V. Lukwa

Inukshuk the Humpback Whale flukes in front of the Steller Sea Lion haul out.

Today’s Sightings: Humpback Whales (Slash, Freethrow, Inukshuk, Guardian, Argonaut, Freckles, Frosty and Mini Wheat), Pacific Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Ancient Murrelets and Common Murres.

All male Steller Sea Lions haul out.

Pacific Harbour Seals. Their different coloured fur is just like how we all have different colour hair.

Pacific White-sided Dolphins acrobatic in the wake of the Lukwa.

A mature Bald Eagle sits perched on a stag.

A great look at the fluke of a Humpback Whale.

Airborne Pacific White-sided Dolphin.

A large group of Pacific White-sided Dolphins .

Freethrow the Humpback Whale surfaces.

Steller Sea Lions – there were hundreds today.

Today was our last trip of the 2017 season and while we are sad to say goodbye to this remarkable place we know time flies and we’ll be back before we know it.

Even though today was the end for our tours, the wildlife activity is still in full swing out there. We saw more Steller Sea Lions today than on any other trip this year. They were hauled out in many locations. We saw them eating Chum Salmon, porpoising right out of the water! Then a large group of mature male Steller Sea Lions came out of nowhere, surfaced and then we watched while they slowly made their way to the shore.

Humpback Whales were everywhere, and despite the cold temperatures today, guests braved the bow and it paid off. While watching birds off the left side of the boat, Humpback Whales seemed to be converging on this bait ball from multiple directions. Then all of sudden Freckles breached and everyone on the bow was grateful they toughed out the cold conditions.

Another cool Humpback moment today as we watched Guardian and Inukshuk the Humpback Whales travelling together near one of the Steller Sea Lion haul outs. We actually were able to get a picture of Inukshuk’s fluke in front the Steller Sea Lions. There was also some activity in this sighting as Guardian was trumpeting and then suddenly cartwheeled, creating a huge splash. The whales then continued to travel on together. Pretty exciting stuff.

Today’s trip finished off with a large group of Pacific White-sided Dolphins. The dolphins were quite active in the choppy conditions created by the wind. We watched as they rode on the bow of the boat. Guests could be seen hauled over and looking down getting great looks at them underwater. Meanwhile in the wake of the boat, the dolphins could be seen porpoising and leaping clear out of the water. Easy to see why this is one of the most acrobatic species of dolphins in the world. Then at the very end, suddenly all of the dolphins leapt out of the water and cruised in one direction. We are not sure why the dolphins suddenly changed behaviours, but we watched as the “white water” created from all of their splashing moved into the distance.

What a great end to an already fabulous season. Thanks to guests from around the world who visited us and our hard  working and dedicated crew! See you next year everyone!

That’s a wrap on this year folks! We are now taking reservations for our 2018 season! You can book online at

Photo credits: Jennie Leaver and Alison Ogilvie. Images taken with a telephoto lens and cropped. 

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