Here a Humpback there a Humpback, Everywhere a Humpback Whale!

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Wednesday September 27, 2017 – M.V. Lukwa

Such beauty! Here are Frosty and Inukshuk surfacing in the mist this morning.

Today’s Sightings: Humpback Whales (Slash. Yahtzee, Conger, Frosty, Mini Wheat, Meniscus, Ridge, Cutter, Inukshuk, Moonstar, Claw, Tangent, Quartz, Freckles, Sharpie and Ripple) Pacific Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, Ancient Murrelets, Red-necked Phalaropes, Parasetic Jaeger and Common Murres.

Corporal the Humpback Whale was one of many lunge feeding whales this afternoon. Do you see unlucky herring in his/her mouth? Can you find any that got away?

This Pacific Harbour Seal was hauled out in the sunshine on this afternoon’s tour.

Ridge the Humpback Whale surfaces in super sunny conditions this afternoon.

These lucky students from Port Hardy had whale school amongst the Humpback whales this morning. There is no better way to learn than from mother nature.

Yahtzee and Ripple the Humpback Whales were two of many seen on the water today. Here they are surfacing together.

Steller Sea Lions were lounging in the sun this afternoon. We had perfect conditions on our tour.

Yahtzee the Humpback Whale dives against the mountain backdrop.

Sharpie the Humpback whale surfacing in the mist.

What an astonishing day! While traffic on the historic boardwalk of Telegraph Cove seems to becoming less and less, Humpback Whale traffic is steadily increasing. As is the trend as of late, there were blows everywhere.

In the morning we hosted a school group from Port Hardy and the conditions were breathtaking. There was just the perfect amount of fog, so we could still see the wildlife but it created a very erie and west coast feel to the tour. We saw numerous Humpback Whales who were lunge feeding. The feeding activity was off the charts and it appeared as thought there were whales everywhere. At times we could also see some whales travelling side by side in the morning mist. Meanwhile we heard the oohs and awes of all on board.

The kids also got great looks at Steller Sea Lions, as well as Pacific Harbour Seals and multiple different species of seabirds.

The afternoon was equally spectacular to the morning, but the fog had cleared and gave way to a sunny September afternoon. The feeding activity continued, as we moved from bait ball to bait ball, tipped off by Seagulls who were feeding at the surface. Humpbacks were lunging through these balls of fish, with their mouths wide open. Guests on the bow had a jaw dropping moment as a Humpback Whale breached not to far off in the distance, which was absolutely incredible. The lightening we have been having as of late, contributes to the already stunning sights, as you can see in today’s pictures.

Pacific Harbour Seals were hauled out in the Broughton Archipelago and were looking very dry in the warm September sun. At times we also saw their little heads just above the surface as they swam along the shoreline.

Steller Sea Lions continued to be hauled out in the afternoon. Guests on board were privy to their amazing growls and towering size. A cool moment as we came across a sea lion in the water who was whacking a fish before we watched him swallow it whole.

We may be getting ready to call it a season here in Telegraph Cove but there is still so much to see with the remaining trips, we just can’t wait to get back on the water tomorrow.

Photo credits: Jennie Leaver and Alison Ogilvie. All photos are property of Stubbs Island Whale Watching and were taken with a telephoto lens and cropped.

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