Final Goodbyes

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Stubbs Team 2016 Photo credit: Wendy Walker

Stubbs Team 2016
Photo credit: Wendy Walker

The last week in the cove has been very quiet, in fact some might even say desolate. The last remaining members of our team have been working tirelessly to complete inventory and pack up our gift shop and office. Not a small task seeing as the company has operated out of the same building since it’s inception in 1980.

A lot of team work and a week and half later we have moved everything into it’s winter storage. We found many interesting treasures along the way, among them a 35mm film camera, old printing materials of brochures from the early days and Killer Whale

Jennie Photo credit: Carol Leaver

Photo credit: Carol Leaver

identification catalogues from almost ten years ago. Fascinating to see just how much change there has been in their community. Similar to humans, individuals have passed away and many new ones born as well.

With all of the hard work, and heavy lifting done we would like to stick with the tradition of saying goodbye to our delightful people as they depart the cove for the last time this season. We will take a few paragraphs now to those who saw us through to the very end.

With the last Whale Watching trip dating a few days back, our wonderful friend and colleague Jennie, Social Media Coordinator at Stubbs, leaves the Cove at last. It is hard to imagine what the season would have been without her uplifting optimism and enthusiasm. Enjoy your winter adventures and keep up the good vibes!

Alison Photo credit: Carmen Pendleton

Photo credit: Carmen Pendleton

We will also say goodbye to our delightful and hard-working Head Naturalist Alison. Always bouncing around the boat and office, her energy bleeds through into everything she does. Whether that is sharing her passion for wildlife with the guests or carrying out bookshelves twice her size as we moved our office the last few days. We always appreciate you hard work and dedication. Thank you Alison!

Yolanda Photo credit: Jennie Leaver

Photo credit: Jennie Leaver

Whitney. Photo credit: Jennie Leaver

Photo credit: Jennie Leaver

Kayliegh Photo credit: Jennie Leaver

Photo credit: Jennie Leaver

As the office is closing its doors for the winter, Yolanda is leaving for her winter
refuge as well. Her positive attitude and ever smiling face behind the counter was
contagious. She made every customer feel at home right from the beginning. Thanks
for all the fun times and your never-ending humanity, Yo!

Along with Yolanda, both Whitney and Kayleigh are on their way as well. Whitney, thank you for everything you do! You make sure the company runs smoothly, keeping reservations organized and ensuring our gift shop is stocked with wonderful items for our guests. Thank you for keeping us on track during the storms of summer, checking in up to 200 guests a day.

Kayleigh, your four years of experience were a huge help this summer for our newest staff members. We wish you the best of luck over the winter pursuing your dreams of opening up your own bakery and we are looking forward to many more yummy cakes.

Than last but certainly not least, we bid adieu to Captain Wayne. For everyone who just started to panic, don’t worry, he will return again next year for his 21st season and we couldn’t be happier about it. His charisma and outgoing personality are a joy for both guests and crew alike. Thank you Wayne, we do not have words to describe the contribution you bring.

Captain Wayne Photo credit: Leonie Mahlke

Captain Wayne
Photo credit: Leonie Mahlke

It is always difficult to say our final goodbyes of the season. In the meantime, the wild will continue on without us. A prime example yesterday as Alison watched a matriline of Transient (Bigg’s) Orca swim by the cove once more. There is something inexplicable about this area and as it fades into our rearview mirror you can still smell the salt water lingering in the air. The memories of friends, guests and wildlife stay with you forever and even though we have to leave every fall, when we do return, it always feels like home.

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