Counting Down…4 Days to Go

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The dream of seeing whales in the wild can come true in Telegraph Cove. Listed in the book  ‘1000 Places To See Before You Die’, Stubbs Island Whale Watching offers guests an experience in the wild the can only be described as remarkable.

Counting down the last four days until the start of this year’s season, our office is bubbling over with excitement. Reports are coming in of Humpback whales returning to the area including a couple of favourites. Argonaut was sighted yesterday May 18th and the distinctive ‘A’ on his tail fluke was confirmation for the Marine Research and Education Society (MERS) that this was in fact its earliest return on record. Also sighted was another regular to the area, Inukshuk. These two frequently hang out in Weynton Passage and Blackfish Sound feeding throughout the summer.

While the humpback populations begin their annual return, our staff are also migrating back to Telegraph Cove. The ‘M.V. Lukwa’ has been prepped and looks anxious to head out on its first tour on Monday, May 23rd. Captains Geoff Dunstan and Wayne Garton along with Head Naturalist Alison Ogilvie have been working to make sure that she is in tip top shape for the season.

Meanwhile the office staff have been answering phones as they stock the gift shop with exciting new items along with the regular favourites found on our shelves. Everything from whale themed coffee mugs to warm, snuggly hoodies are carefully laid out throughout the store so you can find that special gift for those back home.

Our team are overflowing with anticipation while they wait for guests to arrive so we can all get out on the water. You wouldn’t know it looking at the quiet boardwalk that in a few days the Cove will fill with people coming from all around the world each seeking out their own remarkable experience.

As the hummingbirds buzz around the feeders that hang from the cabins along the boardwalk, we see the spring showers as a sure sign that summer is mere moments away. Telegraph Cove will soon be transformed once again from quiet and quaint West Coast community to bustling with the energy of visitors and wildlife.

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