Sunday, August 31st, 2014 – MV Lukwa

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Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

Well, our weather once again was a little cooler and overcast. But on the brighter side the softened lighting and the abundance of wildlife made for great photo opportunities! For our morning tour, we had two matrilines of orca foraging and making some great calls as they went west. Mixed in with the orcas were pacific white-sided dolphins. The orcas were also tail slapping and spy

Photo Credit: Alison Ogilvie

hopping. The beauty of viewing these animals in their natural habitat against the incredible backdrop of the rocky, tree-lined shores was breathtaking. We also saw five humpback whales, three of which our onboard naturalist Alison was able to identify as “KC,” “Ridge,” and “Inukshuk” using the MERS humpback whale identification catalogue. The humpback whales were doing some very

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

long dives. We did see some lunge feeding and some tail flukes. Our incredible morning trip was rounded off with great sightings of harbour seals hauled out on the rocks and three Steller sea lions in the water!

In the afternoon there were orcas in a large group easting. It was an amazing sight as these orcas slowly worked their

Photo Credit: Alison Ogilvie

way East, they had humpback whales all around them and one did some trumpeting. Our onboard hydrophone didn’t pick up any vocals coming from the orcas. As they were all grouped up together there may not have been a need to vocalize at the time. During the afternoon tour we saw a total of eight humpback whales which made for great photo opportunities for our crew and

Photo Credit: Alison Ogilvie

guests. There were also 40+ pacific white-sided dolphins riding the bow and wake of the Lukwa. The skies held everything in during our tour as there was little to no rain the whole time despite the forecasts until we docked in Telegraph Cove. The seas were calm and cool but picture perfect tones and colours made for some beautiful scenery!


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