Thursday, August 28th 2014 – MV Lukwa and Kuluta

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Photo Credit - Alison Ogilvie

Photo Credit - Alison Ogilvie

Photo Credit - Alison Ogilvie

Photo Credit - Alison Ogilvie

Photo Credit - Alison Ogilvie

Within minutes of leaving Telegraph Cove this morning we found the A30, A23 & A25 matrilines of ‘resident’ (fish eating) orca. Guests were excited to sight these magnificent whales so early in the tour! We were able to watch all of the females, juveniles and calves as they formed a large resting line. When we lowered our hydrophone into the calm waters we were even able to hear some great vocals. Despite being in a ‘resting’ line the whales were being quite active; spy hopping, pec slapping and tail slapping were some of the behaviors observed. Next we had a look at the males who were spread out far apart from the main group, and there were even a couple of Pacific white-sided dolphins with these whales as well.

After watching the orca for a while, the search for humpback whales was on! The first humpback whale we encountered was ‘Inukshuk’ who was rolling around in a kelp bed waving his pectoral fins. Inukshuk gave everyone aboard some great photo opportunities as he rolled in the kelp, and just before we left him he gave one big tail slap which sent spray everywhere! ‘Argonaut’ the humpback whale was then sighted, along with a few other of our favorite massive baleen whales which we were unable to identify. Dall’s porpoise, Steller sea lions and bald eagles maxed out a terrific morning on the water!

This afternoon we had to travel further to find the orca, but we were fortunate to find the A23’s & A25’s near the Robson Bight (Dr. Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve. This time we had a few faint calls heard on the hydrophone, but there was lots of echolocation to listen to! We were then fortunate to have enough time after viewing the orca to find 2 humpback whales, which we identified as ‘Inukshuk’ and ‘Argonaut’, who were foraging for food in a good flood tide. Dall’s porpoise, Steller sea lions and harbour seals were also sighted on this beautiful afternoon. We even saw a young bald eagle near it’s nest!

We’re convinced, this IS paradise!

Captain Geoff’s Quote of the Day:

“To win with out risk is to triumph without glory.” – Pierre Corneille

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