Monday, August 25th, 2014 – MV Lukwa

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Photo Credit: Sophia Merritt

It was another grand day on the water near historic Telegraph Cove. It made for a great example of how amazing this part of the world is for viewing wildlife when our morning tour on the Lukwa came across orcas within ten minutes of leaving the Cove. They were from the A30 family and we were really fortunate enough to get some great looks as dolphins were all over the over the

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

orcas. The action peaked as we had Dall’s porpoises approach us and ride the bow and wake of the Lukwa as we travelled to our next destination. During this tour we also spotted humpback whales. One was identified by our onboard naturalist, Kyle, as “Inukshuk” using the MERS humpback whale identification catalogue. There was another humpback whale seen during the morning tour that we weren’t able to identify. To top it all off we came across a large Steller sea lion hauled out on the rocks and many sea birds such as rhinoceros auklets, northern phalaropes, common murres, storm petrels and bald eagles. It was a superb morning with calm waters and the warmth of the sun.

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

In the afternoon we ended up going down the Straits to the Robson Bight-Michael Bigg Ecological Reserve. This reserve is critical habitat for the Northern Resident orcas and a place where they like to come and rub on the rocky beaches. It is also a place set aside for these animals where, thankfully, boats are not allowed to enter. The A30s were there at the rubbing beaches and

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

eventually A38 or “Blackney” ventured out of the reserve boundary line did some fishing. We were able to get some great looks while the rest of A30s stayed inside the reserve, observable at a distance. During the tour we also came across many active Dall’s porpoise who rode the bow and wake of the Lukwa as we went by. As we proceeded up the Straits we came across a humpback whale lunge feeding. This whale was identified by our onboard naturalist, Sophia, as “Ridge.” To round out the trip we saw pacific white-sided dolphins and another unidentified humpback whale lunge feeding.

Captain Wayne’s Quote of the Day:

“It’s like magic – when you live by yourself, all your annoying habits are gone” – Merrill Markok

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