Sunday, August 24st, 2014 – MV Lukwa & MV Kuluta

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Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

We will gladly brag about the absolutely amazing weather that we have been having this past week… and today was no exception! In addition to beautiful, sunny and warm skies the wildlife was out in full force today. We had an amazing day out on the water, there is no doubt about that! The orca and humpback whale activity has been extraordinary and we were so fortunate

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

to be in the presence of these amazing creatures today. Orcas were spread all throughout the Straits and they were feeding and gathering up in family group behaviours such as logging. Logging is where orcas rest at the surface of the water. We saw tail slaps, spy hops and even breaches! Captain Wayne was thrilled to see “peek-a-boo” looks from the youngster orcas.

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

Additionally we saw dolphins targeting the whales for either harassment or play, which was an amazing sight to see. We were fortunate enough to see humpback whales lunge feeding as well. Lunge feeding is a method where a humpback will come up from under schooling fish and engulf the whole group in its large mouth. There was also lots of tail fluking so we were able to identify

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

humpback whales such as “Inukshuk” and “Ridge.” To top it all off we came across Steller sea lions hauled out on the rocks, Dall’s porpoises, lots of marine birds such as rhinocerous auklets, Northern phalaropes and common murres with their young everywhere. Other birds included eagles and belted kingfishers as we worked our way through some beautiful islands, narrow channels and kelp forests.

Captain Wayne’s Quote of the Day:

“The future is called perhaps the only possible thing to call the future” – Tennessee Williams

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