Saturday, June 7th 2014- MV Lukwa

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Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

What a great start to the day in Telegraph Cove with the afternoon trip sightings starting while we were still tied to the dock! Guests spotted several Dall’s porpoises surfacing at the Telegraph Cove entrance. We had a good look at the porpoises as we had some bow ride and play in the wake of the Lukwa!

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard


As the afternoon proceeded on we saw over 40 harbour seals hauled out on a small island. It was a great trip for bird lovers as we spotted a pigeon guillemots nest in a rock crevice with one adult guarding the entrance! We were also fortunate enough to spot eight bald eagles as well as lots of rhinoceros auklets!

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard

We continued on after viewing the birds and came across over 80 Steller sea lions hauled on rocks. Two photographs from crew revealed one sea lion with a large growth (infection) on its face and another sea lion was also injured, bleeding from its face. We then got a report of a fairly large group of Pacific white-sided dolphins which we found; the group was approximately 60 to 80 dolphins together!

Photo Credit: Kyle Howard



The rain held off until the last half hour of the trip but the calm, flat seas and warm weather made for a great afternoon!



Captain Wayne’s Quote of the Day:

“All problems become smaller if you don’t dodge them but confront them”- William F.

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  1. Stefan David says:

    I had the pleasure to be with you on this very tour. And though we did not see any whales, my wife and I enjoyed it so very much. Please see my travel log for more photos and my description of the tour (in German). And say hello to Captain Wayne and Kyle. Great guys!

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