Wednesday, May 29, 2013 – MV Lukwa

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Juvenile bald eagle very near adult plumage. It takes 4 to 5 years before they are sexually mature and have the white head and tail. Photo: Jackie Hildering

Another wonderful wildlife tour with such glass calm seas that we could even hear the blows of the smallest and most cryptic marine mammal in our waters – the harbour porpoise.

We had particularly good sightings of this porpoise species as well as seeing many of the larger Dall’s porpoise feeding in the tide-rips.

Mr. and Mrs. Bald Eagle near their nest. Photo: Jackie Hildering

Today’s low tide and large tidal exchange allowed for a particularly good viewing of hauled out harbour seals and feeding Steller sea lions and sea birds.

Within one small area we had Dall’s porpoise and rhinoceros auklets feeding, eagles on the lookout for prey and . . . KC the humpback snoozing.

KC (BCY0291) the humpback whale, resting. Photo: Jackie Hildering

Watching this giant whale resting, and listening to his great exhalations, added to the general sense of tranquility of the trip.

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