Friday, May 24, 2013 – M.V. Lukwa

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A mature Bald eagle against the backdrop of a green rain forest. (image is cropped) Photo Credit - Roger McDonell

There are many shades of green on the North Island. Its green because of all the rain and today we had some when we left the dock, then it stopped and we had beautiful weather until we were about to head back to Telegraph Cove when it started to rain again.

A small group of Pacific white-sided dolphins in Blackfish Sound. (image cropped) Photo Credit - Roger McDonell




Despite a few raindrops, we enjoyed finding a small group of Pacific white-sided dolphins in Blackfish Sound just beyond the Plumper Island group. The water was flat calm and the dolphins were circling around one spot. They did not display any of their acrobatic skills today but it was sure nice to see some of these exciting creatures.

A little further along on the North shore of Hanson Island, a guest from Germany spotted a Bald eagle in a tree. As we approached for a better view, we spotted three more eagles. Two of the four spotted were immature and had not yet developed their distinctive white head and tail feathers which appear at about four or five years of age.

As Captain Wayne took us through some narrow passages between Swanson Island past Farewell Harbour and into the mouth of Knight Inlet. We have only seen a few Steller sea lions today with one feeding on a fish by slapping it around on the surface giving us a idea how they consume their meals.

A group of harbour seals hauled out on the White Cliff Islets. (image cropped) Photo Credit - Roger McDonell

Near White Cliff Islets there were about 20 to 30 harbour seals hauled out on the rocks watching nervously as we quietly drifted by in our attempt not to disturb them.

As we headed across Blackfish Sound towards Vancouver Island and Telegraph Cove, we could see a heavy grey cloud bank with lots of rain ahead of us. We wound our way through the Plumper Islands and stopped while the onboard naturalist played some whale sounds and explained what we often do see in this area for orcas and humpbacks.

Heading across Johnstone Strait on the last leg home, we were pleased to find a group of Dall’s porpoises breaking the flat calm surface as raindrops fell around the Lukwa.

Captain Wayne’s ‘Quote of the Day’“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Alva Edison

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