First trip of 2013 in the books, Monday, May 20th.

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Telegraph Cove was a happening place this past weekend with the annual Top Island Econauts Dive Club event. Over sixty scuba divers were in the Cove and underwater enjoying the ‘sights’.


We had a delightful group of guests for our first wildlife viewing trip of 2013 on Monday afternoon.

Some harbour seals watching us carefully. Photo Credit - Roger McDonell

Captain Wayne was at the wheel guiding the M.V Lukwa around the Plumper Islands and into Weyton Passage where we found a group of harbour seals hauled out on their usual rock. All together there were about 40 seals between Weyton Island reef and White Cliff Islets. We briefly spotted a few Dall’s porpoises on the way across Johnstone Strait but they were keeping their distance.

A soaring bald eagle looking for a fishy meal. Photo Credit - Roger McDonell

Our visitors from Germany and Italy were all delighted to see approximately 8 Bald eagles along the way. One eagle was soaring over the water looking at something that might have become lunch but it must have swam down too deep in the water for the eagle to try to catch. There were a few Harlequin ducks spotted today and about forty or more White-winged scooters flew by just inches above the flat, calm water.

We spotted a black bear lifting rocks on the beach at low tide looking for crabs. Photo Credit - Roger McDonell

While cruising quietly around the north side of Swanson Island, someone spotted a black bear on the beach. Often this time of year before the salmon start spawning and the berries ripen, black bears will cruise along the beach at low tide turning over rocks with their strong paws as they search for small crustaceans to munch for lunch.

The largest of the sea lion family, the Steller sea lion. Photo Credit - Roger McDonell

Before we headed back to Telegraph Cove, our onboard naturalist spotted a group of Stellar sea lions quietly resting on a rock near the Plumper group of islands. We estimate about 25 of these large sea lions were sleeping quietly and hardly lifted a head as we went by, TWICE. One of the dive boats had reported divers being buzzed by some sea lions the day before. That might explain why the seas lions were so tired after all that excitement!

Just as we approached Telegraph Cove, Dall’s porpoises were spotted nearby so we went for another look and this time these fastest of the marine mammals came racing over to a bow ride in the wake of the Lukwa. Everyone was eagerly leaning over the railing to catch a glimpse of these speedy cetaceans.

There seemed to be smiles on everyone’s face after that encounter as we headed back to our dock in the Cove.

Captain Wayne’s “Quote of the Day”
Persistent prophecy is a familiar way of assuring the event.’ George R. Gissing.

Next trips – Friday, May 24th, 2013 @ 1:00pm
Sunday, May 26th, 2013 @ 1:00pm


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