New Boat Added for 2013 Season

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We have confirmation of the name for our new boat! It took nearly a month for Ship’s Registry in Ottawa to approve it.
It is ‘Kuluta’ which in the First Nations of Kwak’wala means porpoise.

The name was submitted along with over 170 entries in our ‘Name the New Boat’ contest. The winner of the contest is Tyson Carswell who is a student at the University of Victoria and is looking forward to taking some of his fellow students out for a truly West Coast experience.
The name ‘Kuluta’ struck a cord with the owners of Stubbs Island Whale Watching as very appropriate for several reasons. As a Kwak’wala word it embraces the First Nations heritage of the region and maintains the naming legacy used for our other ship, the ‘Lukwa’ which means ‘a place in the forest’.
Also the reference to porpoise is very appropriate as one of our favourite marine mammals to see on our tours is the Dall’s porpoise which is the fastest marine mammal able to attain speeds of 55 kilometres an hour. The Dall’s porpoise also puts up a signature ‘rooster tail’ spray as it races through the water as does the ‘Kuluta’ with its surface piercing drives. The surfacing piercing drives are special in that they are quiet underwater so we don’t contribute to the noise pollution that whales have to put up with from boats using other types of propulsion.
The 40’ aluminum catamaran hulled ‘Kuluta’ is faster than a Dall’s porpoise able to do speeds in excess of 30 nautical miles an hour (55 km/h) with her twin Cummins diesel engines and ASD-10 Arneson surface piercing drives. The ship will carry up to 42 passengers and three crew from her new base of operations in Telegraph Cove starting later this month.

This is our new addition to the 'fleet'.

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