Thursday, September 29, 2011 – MV Lukwa

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Photo Credit: Geoff Dunstan

The wind was not a deterrent for today’s trips out looking for whales and other marine life. The morning trip had guests delighted to see 50+ Stellar sea lions hauled out on a rock near the Plumper Islands. Some of these 800-1000 pound animals are getting quite curious and approaching the boat to have a closer look at our guests. After everyone had a good look at each other, it was off to find some Humpback whales. Not to be disappointed, Captain Rick was able to find several humpbacks nearby in the area protected from the wind. The humpbacks were busy feeding and doing long dives with a few good lunge feeding attempts. While there were no orcas in the area, 50 or more of their smaller cousins, Pacific White-sided dolphins, swarmed around the Lukwa and rode the wake.

Photo Credit: Geoff Dunstan

The afternoon was again windy with a promise from the forecasters that it would ease off later in the afternoon. The Lukwa handled the waves quite nicely as we headed across to Weyton Passage where there were two or three humpbacks doing long dives and a few lunges for feed. We did identify one humpback as “Domino” with its striking two white spots on the bottom side of his fluke. At least twice we saw a whale breach in the distance sending up a huge splash in the air.

Photo Credit: Roger McDonell

Again the Stellar seas lions were crowding a rock but this time it was a high tide and they were in close quarters and some taking issue with their neighbour’s private space. One sea lion found what looked to be a large piece of plastic floating just below the surface near the boat. He was extremely curious and spent quite a bit of time examining this odd floating piece of trash. It did provide some exciting moments as he surfaced just a few meters off the side of the boat.

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